Borradori Studios:

Ann Mitchell & James Osgood

We met in grad school a couple of decades ago and one of our favorite adventures was taking long drives up the California coast. Cayucos is a small town about three hours north of Los Angeles and at the north end of town was this amazing empty garage. When we looked at it, we would imagine a whole life there. We could make art, sell to people driving by - I'd make the occasional pie, he'd make the occasional coffee and we would have a life selling art on Hwy 1 looking out over the ocean.

So, Borradori is an idea, a fantasy, an illusion - like all art is. A fairy tale created by two people who had a lot of outside responsibilities - but still loved to dream. Over the years, while we didn't end up moving, we have continued our lives as artists and supported each other in our art-making. Starting in 2024 we will be hosting an annual Open Studios event where we show our work.

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